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Seller's Use Cases

Seller Financing is utilized when a Seller is motivated to sell a home, attract more buyers through below market interest rates, establish an income stream, while avoiding taxes, and collecting 40% more than a Traditional Sale. Specific Use cases include:

  • Selling a 2nd or 3rd property
  • Parents Selling A House To A Child or Relative
  • Estate Sale To A Child, Relative or The Market
  • Selling a Homestead
  • Selling an Investment Property Instead of Renting The Property

Each Use Case Above presents a different set of Benefits for the Seller.

Seller Financing For Sellers

Buyer's Use Case

In the current market where interest rates are high, when compared to the last 20 years, Seller Financing properties can off great benefit to a Buyer. As a qualified Buyer, the savings, from a below market interest rate, are $10,000s when compared to the current higher interest rates available through Traditional Financing.

Seller Financing For Buyers

Why Use Skelly For Seller Financing?


Unique Background

With a background in finance and real estate, we are able to offer unique advantages to our clients.

Complimentary Licenses

Our founder is licensed as a CPA and Broker in the state of Texas. This allows us to find ways to keep money in your pocket and out of the IRS'.

Legal Support

Feel confident in the legal team behind Skelly. We are able to adapt to your custom Seller Finance needs.

Non Performing Loans & Performing Loan Background

We understand the performing loan & NPL market where loans trade between investors.

Real Estate Experience

We are proud to have completed over $75 million in transaction volume.

Support & Resources

Following a successful Seller Financing transaction, we stand by your side with our ongoing support and resources. We will be there for you if you need us.

Helpful Nature

We are naturally helpful and are always improving our offerings and services in order to be the best provider for our clients.

Loyalty & Integrity

We stand behind our Skelly brand. As a family company, we use common sense to enhance loyalty and integrity.

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